Ottobrata zafferanese

Ottobrata Zafferanese is an important event-cultural that is held every Sunday of the month of October in the historic center of Zafferana (CT). (CT).

Developed in the late seventies as a simple market-exhibition of local products, has over time evolved towards a complex event, full of different facets, which annually attracts hundreds of thousands [1] of visitors from all over the Sicily and beyond.

The Octoberfest is divided into four or five festivals (depending on the number of Sundays in October):


Wine Festival

Honey Festival

SFestival of apples Etna

Mushroom Festival

Chestnut Festival


Undisputed protagonists of each Sunday are the typical products of the earth, and their derivatives: grapes, wine, mustard, honey, apples and seasonal fruits (prickly pears, pomegranates, walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, pistachios etc.), porcini mushrooms and other varieties of Etna, olive oil, olives and preserved in oil. A large space is devoted to crafts and visitors can along the route of the old town, stopping to observe the ancient crafts now endangered (sculptors of wood and lava rock shores of Sicilian carts painters, embroiderers, workers wrought iron, puppeteers etc.). The Piazza Umberto I is home to many stalls where you can taste the local sweets (skiers, the donuts, the almond paste, tea leaves, etc.), liqueurs, wines, honey, nougat and caramelized nuts, pistachio ice cream and many other delicacies. In the Villa Comunale, below the square, are placed booths displaying and selling meats, cheeses and preserves typical Sicilian food.

A large space, the former sports ground is used as a food sector, where visitors can enjoy sandwiches and desserts with sausage and pork or horse, eggplant, peppers, mushrooms and seasoned olives, and where young musicians perform in a festival Rock, Live Startup. A space is also reserved for the voluntary and social solidarity for the information and the collection of funds for humanitarian purposes.

Ottobrata Zafferanese integrates the exposure of local products and selling them to cultural events is very important for the whole area of Etna, with conferences and debates on issues related to the protection and recognition of the quality of local products, screening of documentaries on Etna and its territory, excursions to fascinating places, performances by musical groups and dance, exhibitions and much more.

The event is organized each year by a committee, with the support and cooperation of the City of Zafferana, the Province of Catania in the Region Sicily, Etna Park, the Chamber of Commerce of Catania, associations Terre Etna and Alcantara, City of Vulcan, City of Wine, City of Honey, Apples Manufacturers Etna, Etna Wine Route.